Due to the current situation with regards to the Coronavirus, we are currently out of stock of all facemasks and we do not envisage any stock arriving for the foreseeable future

Christmas Delivery Information

Please be aware that due to bank holidays and the festive period there may be unforeseen circumstances that could delay orders being delivered. If you have any concerns, please contact our customer service team by phone, email or via the website.

Order Date Day Delivery Date
20.12.2018 Thursday 21st December
21.12.2018 Friday 28th December
22.12.2018 Saturday 28th December
23.12.2018 Sunday 28th December
24.12.2018 Monday 28th December
25.12.2018 Tuesday 28th December
26.12.2018 Wednesday 28th December
27.12.2018 Thursday Up to 7th January
28.12.2018 Friday Up to 7th January
29.12.2018 Saturday Up to 7th January
30.12.2018 Sunday Up to 7th January
31.01.2018 Monday Up to 7th January
01.01.2019 Tuesday Up to 7th January
02.01.2019 Wednesday 3rd January

Standard Delivery service will be available throughout the holiday's, although we cannot guarantee delivery times. All parcels are dispatched via DPD Courier Services who will provide a time and date for your expected delivery as soon as possible upon receipt of your order.

There will be no next day service available for orders placed between 20nd December and 2nd January.

Full service will resume from Tuesday 3rd January 2019, including Next Day Delivery.